The City of Plymouth and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are planning to proceed with the rehabilitation of a pedestrian footbridge (Bridge No. 5) connecting East LaPorte Street over the Yellow River in the City Plymouth in Marshall County, Indiana. The footbridge is located approximately 360 feet
west of Liberty Street and connects East LaPorte Street to River Park Square.

The purpose of this project is to extend the useful life of the structure to 30 years and decrease the lateral deflections that can occur on the bridge. The need for the project stems from the deteriorated condition of Bridge No. 5 and the significant lateral deflections the bridge experiences.

The cost associated with this project is approximately $1,990,450.00 which includes preliminary engineering and construction with
both federal and local funds anticipated to be used. This project is being processed as a Categorical Exclusion (CE) Level 2 document due to impacts to Cultural Resources.

For additional information, please click on the links below:

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INDOT Categorical Exclusion/Environmental Assessment Form (part 3)