This Ordinance - Policy establishes standards for permitting Small Cell Facilities and associated supporting structures within the public right-of-way of the City of Plymouth, Indiana, in order to promote the orderly growth of needed wireless communications infrastructure, while ensuring the public health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Ordinance NO. 2019-2146, An Ordinance Regarding the Permitting of Wireless Facilities and Wireless Support Structures Within the Public Right-of-Way.

The City recommends that, prior to filing an application for a permit under this Policy, that an Applicant engage the City staff to assist the Applicant’s Small Cell Facility development team with troubleshooting preliminary siting and design concerns. During such pre-application period of engagement, to the extent practicable, the City will aid the Applicant in discovering existing conditions and access to the proposed site area.

Small Cell Facility Applications must be filled out in order to install a Small Cell Facility on City owned property/Right of Way. The applications provide general information regarding the Small Cell Facility & the development team which serves as a summary for the required engineering designs & details. The application is reviewed and approved by the Technical Review Committee.

A Work in the Right-of-Way Application needs to be submitted to the City of Plymouth and approved by the Board of Public Works and Safety for work to be performed in the Right-of-Way. A License Agreement shall be executed and a cash financial guarantee shall be posted with the City of Plymouth Board of Public Works & Safety prior to the granting of the Permit to work in the Right-of-Way. The financial guarantee is based on the damage risk to the City Utilities.

NOTE: It should be noted that all Contractors working in the City of Plymouth must be registered with the City of Plymouth Building Commissioner.

Upon completion of the project a set of as-built drawings and a Completion Affidavit shall be submitted to the City of Plymouth. Once reviewed and inspected the City shall release the financial guarantee upon faithful performance of the conditions set forth in the License Agreement.