The duties of the Redevelopment Commission is established by the Indiana General Assembly and detailed in the Indiana Code. 

IC 36-7-14-11 Duties of commission     
Sec. 11. The redevelopment commission shall:(1) investigate, study, and survey areas needing redevelopment within the corporate boundaries of the unit;(2) investigate, study, determine, and, to the extent possible, combat the causes of areas needing redevelopment;(3) promote the use of land in the manner that best serves the interests of the unit and its inhabitants;(4) cooperate:(A) with the departments and agencies of:(i) the unit; and(ii) other governmental entities; and(B) with:(i) public instrumentalities; and(ii) public corporate bodies;created by state law;in the manner that best serves the purposes of this chapter;(5) make findings and reports on their activities under this section, and keep those reports open to inspection by the public at the offices of the department;(6) select and acquire the areas needing redevelopment to be redeveloped under this chapter; and(7) replan and dispose of the areas needing redevelopment in the manner that best serves the social and economic interests of the unit and its inhabitants.[Pre-Local Government Recodification Citations: 18-7-7-11 part; 18-7-7.1-11 part.]As added by Acts 1981, P.L.309, SEC.33. Amended by P.L.185-2005, SEC.9; P.L.221-2007, SEC.31.

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Name Office Term
Three appointed by Mayor
Craig Hopple 1-year: ending 12/31/2021
Tom Pedavoli Vice President 1-year: ending 12/31/2021
Nancy Felde Secretary 1-year: ending 12/31/2021
Two appointed by Council
Billy L. Ellinger 1-year: ending 12/31/2021
Mike Miley President 1-year: ending 12/31/2021
Non-voting Member
Melissa Christiansen 2-year: ending 06/30/2022
City Employees
Jeanine M. Xaver Treasurer
Mark Senter Mayor
Sean Surrisi City Attorney
Rick Gaul Director of Public Works
Jim Marquardt Street Dept
Donnie Davidson Utilities Dept